EVENT frequently asked questions

General Questions

What is the status of 2021 Eat Great Food Festival?

Event organizers announced the cancellation of the Eat Great Food Festival, scheduled for July 11 – 12, 2021, in Bay City. The two-day event is expected to return in 2022 hosted in Wenonah Park in Bay City. Eat Great is committed to keeping the brand alive by highlighting the diverse culinary talent, restaurants, and flavors in the Great Lakes Bay Region. Some of these efforts include Eat Great Pop-Up events and the return of the Eat Great Trail at the Dow GLBI. Eat Great Trail ticketholders will have access to a variety of menu items on several hospitality decks located throughout the course at Midland Country Club. A selection of beer and wine will be available for guests 21 and over. Follow @EatGreatFestival on Instagram and Facebook or online at EatGreatFoodFestival.com for the latest updates. 

What is the current schedule of events?

The 72-hole, stroke-play tournament will begin on Wednesday, July 14 with 72 two-player teams competing in both foursomes and four-ball with a $2.3 million purse. The first three rounds of the Dow GLBI will air on the Golf Channel while the final round will air live on CBS on Saturday, July 17. For a full schedule of events, please click here.

What are the TV times for the tournament?

The Dow GLBI will air on the Golf Channel on the following days: Wednesday, July 14 (Round 1): 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm Thursday, July 15 (Round 2): 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm (Tape Delay) Friday, July 16 (Round 3): 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm (Tape Delay) The final round will air live on CBS: Saturday, July 17: 4:00 pm – 6:00pm

What am I allowed to bring onsite to the tournament?

List of Prohibited Items • Containers and/or coolers • Backpacks (except for the drawstring variety typically carried by children) and oversize bags (except for diaper bags when an infant/young child is present) • Golf clubs • Cameras, camcorders or video cameras (except during practice rounds for personal photographic use only, and only without their cases) • Noise producing devices • Cases and/or covers (such as umbrella and folding chair covers) • Computers, laptops, laser pointing devices, radios or TVs • Pets (other than service animals) • Fireworks/explosives • Aerosol cans and bottles • Oversize chairs/lawn chairs • Ladders or similar devices • Metal-spiked golf shoes • Any material constituting unauthorized advertising/promotions • Unmanned aircrafts (drones, etc.) • Illegal substances • All food and/or drinks unless necessary to treat a medical condition or infant needs • Flags and/or banners large enough to obstruct views of the competition • Anything that can be used as a weapon (firearms, knives or weapons of any nature – regardless of permit) **See notation below. • Any other items deemed unlawful, dangerous, inappropriate, or disruptive by the LPGA and/or tournament site security personnel, in their sole discretion. • Bags are restricted to the following size 12x12x12 transparent bag or 6x6x6 non-transparent bag NOTE: It is prohibited for any person to carry a firearm or dangerous weapon on property, transportation area, or areas of other facilities being used exclusively for tournament activities. Dangerous weapons include, but are not limited to firearms, sling shots, sand clubs, metal knuckles, daggers, dirks, spring blade knives, nun-chu-ka sticks, throwing stars, air guns, stun guns, and devices intended to injure a person by an electric shock. Even if a person possesses a valid Concealed Weapons Permit (private citizens), it is prohibited to bring the weapon into the venue. The only individuals allowed on property with a firearm should be police officers (on or off duty) or designated and approved security officers permitted to do so.